Website Design & Development

with EssencePlate

A Quality website design is not limited to visual presentation. It is rendered with respect to:

  • Accessibility and usability for the target audience
  • Adaptation to multiple screen sizes
  • Usability for the admins to update the content
  • Flexibility to adapt to new changes and technologies

There is almost no end to re-fining a website on all these domains. The art is to find the best balance within the limitations of the resources. This is where EssencePlate brings significant value.

Website Design & Development


EssencePlate is a customized version of WordPress CMS, with a set of plugins and themes which respect and support Quality design as mentioned above. A set of carefully chosen plugins bring s a new level of fluidity and flexibility to the software ecosystem. It helps in customization and simplification of the administration area, in order for admins and editors to focus on the content updates. During our mentoring sessions and based on client’s feedback, the admin area is further customized to make working with the website as easy as possible.

An advanced template framework is an important part of EssencePlate, which allows complete separation of design from content, to maintain consistency of the visual design, and adaptability for further changes and upgrades.


A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

UIkit is an essential part of the EssencePlate software eco-system. The framework has been evolving since 2013, and has proven to constantly evolve with new technologies. It is a mobile-first framework.

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