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Creating & Curating Living Websites

with an eye for Quality on

  • Design & Usability

  • Technology & Security

  • Creative Process & Mentoring

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Quality Website Development & Support


Evolving during more than two decades of experiences, fromEssnece is a multi-disciplinary approach to building and maintaning websites.

It draws from experiences in fields of computer science and server management, graphic design, website development and CMS systems, creative process facilitation, hosting meaningful conversations and personal coaching.

multi-disciplinary website development


The following services work hand in hand to deliver and maintain a Living website.

They are presented separately as each has a different nature, life cycle, and pricing scheme. For each project, based on its needs, we will mix and match a combination of them as a package.

Website Development Services

Website Hosting

optimization from the ground up with EssenceGround

Website Design & Development

with EssencePlate

Ongoing Care & Refining

Security & Evolution

Coaching & Mentoring

a two fold practice of listening & guiding


from Essence to Presence Process

a unique blend of sensing & website development

Designed to support those who are stepping over a threshold, with a need for sensing deeper into their offerings.

This is a 3-4 months long process of website making, designed based on experiences of walking with people over a threshold in life-work cycle. Beside website development, the process offers a space for sensing into the essence of what is about to become visible, with metaphors, images and identity. The sensing / listening process and the website development will support each other as two strands of one DNA do.

Personal Website Development & Coaching

Sample Websites

  • Soul Journeys with Müge Erdoğmuṣ-Turnbull

    Integrative & Transpersonal Psychotherapy – London
  • Orca Dreams

    Platform for Mindful Living – Berlin
  • Haris Kakarouhas

    Conscious Photography – Athens
  • Halla Makarem

    Creative Leadership – Beirut
  • Café-Brasserie Petrus

    Bregenz, Austria
  • Maria Scordialos

    process artist, host and social entrepreneur – Athens
  • Hygeia

    health of the body, soul and mind – Edirne
  • Collective Alchemy

    Practices for the Era Shift – Global
  • Drop in the Ocean

    travelog – Turkey
  • Aslinur Akdeniz

    author – Istanbul
  • Sarah Whiteley Personal Website

    navigating transitions for individuals, communities & organizations – Whitby
  • Babil Fidanlik Garden

  • Baykus Okulu School

    Online school – Fethiye
  • Art of Hosting Athina

    Ecosystem of participatory leaders – Athens
  • Damla Celiktaban

    Author on psychology, women and consciousness – Istanbul
  • Drop Ocean Consulting

    Leadership Coaching – Toronto

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