The following services work hand in hand to deliver and maintain a Living website.

They are presented separately as each has a different nature, life cycle, and pricing scheme. For each project and based on the needs we will mix and match a combination of them as a package.


Website Hosting

optimization from the ground up with EssenceGround

EssenceGround is our website hosting service, highly customized for the EssencePlate, our CMS software eco-system. The server benefits from the power of the most recent technologies, such as LiteSpeed and its advanced caching system. At the hardware level, it is built upon the highest hardware technology available: NVMe SSDs, AMD EPIC processors, redundant 10 Gbit network connections for the data center.

Website Design & Development

with EssencePlate

A Quality website design is not limited to visual presentation. It is rendered with respect to:

  • Accessibility and usability for the target audience
  • Adaptation to multiple screen sizes
  • Usability for the admins to update the content
  • Flexibility to adapt to new changes and technologies

There is almost no end to re-fining a website on all these domains. The art is to find the best balance within the limitations of the resources. This is where EssencePlate brings significant value.

Ongoing Care & Refining

Security & Evolution

One of the best practices for keeping a website alive and secure is to keep the software updated. By software we mean the operating system and server, all the way to the WordPress and the software ecosystem used in our EssencePlate. These softwares receive updates almost every couple of weeks, and through these updates they evolve, becoming more efficient and more secure.

Aside from regular updates, a website can highly benefit from being regularly enhanced and refined. We offer Quality as a process of constant refinement. That means, replacing a piece of software with more advanced one, making adjustments to design elements, changing the structures to expand functionalities etc…

Coaching & Mentoring

a two fold practice of listening & guiding

When it comes to working with identity, general feeling, design and content, I will use the hat of a coach or facilitator. The answers are already with the client. With listening, asking questions and honoring the timings of a creative process, I offer a space for the identity to reveal itself.

When it comes to development and technical work, I consider the needs of the client in simplifying or enhancing the administration area. With mentoring, guidance will be offered towards building a relationship with the website as an agent of communication.

Are you stepping over a threshold?

from Essence to Presence Process

a unique blend of sensing & website development

Designed to support those who are stepping over a threshold, with a need for sensing deeper into their offerings.

This is a 3-4 months long process of website making, designed based on experiences of walking with people over a threshold in life-work cycle. Beside website development, the process offers a space for sensing into the essence of what is about to become visible, with metaphors, images and identity. The sensing / listening process and the website development will support each other as two strands of one DNA do.

from Essence to Presence Process
The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right names.
Chinese proverb

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